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 We have over 25 years experience in importing, raising and training German Shepherd Dogs and Malinois . We offer police dogs for sale, German shepherd puppies for sale, Belgian Malinois puppies for sale,  personal protection dogs for sale, family protection dogs for sale, family companion German shepherds for sale.  
We offer young Single and Multi Purpose dogs to Police Departments at an affordable price. We also offer handlers courses taught by Law Enforcement Officials only.
Our motto is QUALITY not Quantity.
Check out our Police Dog Prospects for available dogs and more information.

First I would like to say to all German Shepherd breeders. Don't breed German Shepherd dogs just to multiply them. Breed German Shepherds responsibly with a goal to improve the German Shepherd breed. You should not breed unless you have a goal and never breed German Shepherds for commercial purposes. Breeding German Shepherds is very time consuming and a financially consuming hobby. Besides all the necessary regulations and love for the German Shepherd breed, most of all knowledge and goals are necessary to be considered a good German Shepherd breeder.

Being German owned gives us the advantage to import and breed only the finest 
German Shepherd dogs as we do not have to hire brokers. We also have a facility in located in the Czech Republic.
Please check out our  German Shepherd puppies page for available German Shepherd puppies

Occasionally we donate K-9's to Police Departments with low budgets. 
Between 2010-2013 we donated a total of 22 dogs. 

Police Dogs for sale
German Shepherd Puppies
Police Dogs for sale
Police Dogs for sale
K-9 Training Czech Republic 2013
New K-9's arriving on 10/21/2014